Dec 29, 2007

Jewellery Care

1. One simple rule: Minimise the time your jewellery is worn. Wear them AFTER makeup & applying perfume, hairspray, moisturiser, and take them off BEFORE doing anything else when you reach home. Do not swim with your jewellery on (chlorine blackens them).

2. Wipe down with a clean dry cloth. Do not wash under running water unless you know what you're doing. Moisture causes plated jewellery to rust/tarnish (makeup & skin oils also), rhinestones will become dull and glue/threads/cords weakened with accumulation of water.

Store in ziplock bag only after completely dried. Use polyethylene bags, not polyvinyl ones. Only exception is opals & pearls which need to breathe so store in fabric bags.

Toothpaste is abrasive and baking soda water too so if you really want to use them to remove tarnish, limit it to cleaning cheap 925 plain silver jewellery. I prefer using silver polishing cloth and mild silver polish liquid. Do not use silver polish on gold plated materials, it totally strips the gold plating.

5. No newspapers or rubberbands esp for silver items.

6. Store jewellery separately as some materials are harder than others and will scratch the softer materials.

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